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Exploring the future of work, teams, and culture.

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change."
Stephen Hawking

Thirty years ago, Peter Drucker wrote an article called The Coming of the New Organization.

My career started at about that same time, and I have spent that time as a consultant to many kinds of companies – business-to-business and consumer, products and services, startups and blue chips, manufacturing, education, healthcare, technology, arts and community organizations large and small. I've worked with a lot of different kinds of teams and have started to see and explore emerging patterns of work. In short, I think that the organizational designs of the past are not well suited for the problems of the future.

Today, I use Drucker's piece at the beginning of a class I teach for Northwestern University and have found it to be quite useful with my graduate students as we explore the dynamics of information strategy. I'm no Drucker, but my aim with this project is to explore the dynamics of a New Organization. The ideas here are representative of my experiences, education, opinions, and collaborators including my graduate work at IIT Institute of Design, teaching at Northwestern, and especially my many clients and colleagues at Peopledesign.

This project is for people who aim to affect positive change in their organizations or institutions. I believe in the power of people to solve problems together. In particular, I have a keen interest in what I consider to be the critical organization issues of our time – health, education, work, government. The stakes are high. We must adapt to our current realities to survive and thrive. We are a global community on a pale blue dot. Working together better is our mandate, our responsibility, our purpose.

I hope you find this helpful in our collective pursuits to become ever more effective and humane.
Kevin Budelmann
Kevin Budelmann
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